Helen P. Towlerton

With Helen P. Towlerton, Esq., you will receive exceptional legal support based on honest and thorough communication.

Many have heard the saying ‘knowledge is power.’   In both business and family law, that power is the client’s ability to make informed decisions on behalf of him or herself, and his or her family.  At the Towlerton law office, we are committed to educating clients about their legal rights and obligations and assisting them to reach their goals in a positive manner.

Legal Approach:

Helen has focused exclusively on family law cases for over 15 years.  Over the more than 25 years she has practiced law, in both Nevada and Colorado, Helen acquired experience and understanding in many diverse areas of law.

She began her law career in Las Vegas in 1995, handling general business and real estate transactions, entity formation and civil litigation.

Since 2005, Helen has applied her experience and knowledge of business and real estate law to assist clients with family law issues.    Helen handles a vast array of family matters, including pre/post nuptial agreements, co-habitation agreements, parenting time and decision-making issues, property settlement, legal separation, and divorce.

Preparation is key and Helen is a dedicated partner working closely with each individual to address the specific needs of his or her case.   On the transactional side, the more information the client provides to identify his or her needs and goals, the better the agreement.   In litigation, be it a business dispute or family law issue, the best outcomes are achieved with the client’s active participation in the discovery and settlement process.

Helen’s primary goal is to help clients achieve a sense of accomplishment and security.  She is detail oriented and persistent when gathering facts, which allows her clients to be flexible and adjust legal strategies as the facts and circumstances require, without diverging from their reasonable goals or the foundational principles of truthfulness, candor, fairness and understanding.

In return, clients have offered favorable reviews highlighting Helen’s caring nature, hard work and attention to detail, as well as her unwavering ability to aggressively advocate on their behalf in settlement and when cases go to court.