Helen Helped Me Get 50/50 Time With My Son

I have been in and out of court for over 10 years now and have been represented by larger firms and other independent counsel trying to get more time with my son. Helen helped me get 50-50 time with my son. Helen is hands down the best representation I have had , just wished I found her sooner. Her preparation shows in the court room and in my particular situation, she boiled down 10 years of documented bad co-parenting through emails/texts/etc. (on the part of my ex) and presented it in a very clear and logical way- that would have otherwise been impossible for a judge to comprehend. She is sharp and on point in the court room. I have had lawyers who kind of half listen and are mostly just following their ‘script’, preparing what they are going to say next. Helen listens very carefully to what is being said in the court room, and has the ability to address the unexpected as it might present itself. When my ex tried swaying the court by bringing irrelevant testimony into our hearing (by way of having a number of witnesses testify), Helen picked them apart and exposed the irrelevance and lack of expertise of each witness. In the past, with other counsel, my case was hurt by a lack of proper rebuttal. When the other party in your case is dishonest and convincing, having someone with Helen’s sharp attention to detail is critical. Her experience and familiarity with the Boulder courts is also invaluable. She will tell you what you need to hear, which is more important than telling you what you want to hear. Helen really took the time to understand the issues particular to my situation while prepping for my hearing and it absolutely showed in the courtroom. I cannot recommend her enough and am forever grateful for her life changing work for me and my son.

– Gene (5 star review)